About us

Golden Anchor Shipping and Clearance LLC was founded in 2010 to provide freight forwarding and logistics services. The company Corporate Head Office is located in Dubai. GA has been one of the first foreign companies who set up their business operations in Dubai, since then it has grown to become a one of market leaders across the forwarding and logistics services sectors. Enduring close relationships with local authorities ensure that all our customers’ service needs are met, whether they be international or domestic. Our company follows strict guidelines for transporting goods through customs clearance procedures ensuring your packages arrive on time and without any problems at their destination, as well as providing warehousing facilities for those who need them.

Golden Anchor Shipping and Clearance LLC is a global logistics company delivering value to their customers through fast, quality, and delivery services. They offer consolidated shipping services with direct-service technology platforms to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. Golden Anchor has the most competitive rates in the industry for all needs of consolidation including LTL (less than truckload), Truckload (full trailer), FTD (Freight on board) Services, DDP Services, Air Freight Services, Ocean Freight Services.