Land Freight

Land Freight


Golden Anchor FTL is your one-stop shop for all things direct shipping. With us, you can count on fast and flexible shipment hauling without having to worry about reloading or terminal handling with our customized solutions that meet any size requirement.

Golden Anchor FTL offers a wide range of shipping services for all your needs. Whether you’re looking to consolidate smaller shipments or transport large loads, we have got just the right option available at a competitive price that will suit every budget.

FTL Benefits:

  • You have full control over your shipment
  • Less complication
  • Goods are less likely of being damaged from transferring goods between stops
  • Cost saving for large shipments
  • Faster shipping



The Golden Anchor LTL is the perfect solution for your groupage shipping needs. Our extensive freight forwarding network ensures that we monitor every step of a shipment from door-to-door, giving you peace of mind as it makes its way across borders and oceans! Get all performance reports delivered straight to inboxes with our transparency policy on lead time guarantees – there’s nothing more valuable than knowing what’s going down at any given moment without having unnecessary worry spoil things otherwise

Output: With our team of experts monitoring each shipment throughout transit, not only can you rest assured about where inefficiencies may occur but also know exactly when they will happen so no surprises pop up during peak times or holidays which could cause delays.

LTL Benefits:

  • Cost saving
  • Any shipment size
  • Reduce warehouse costs
  • Help keep the planet healthier
  • Track your shipment step by step

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