Deliverex Express

Our Warehouse, on your terms.

Deliverex shipping and warehousing solution is a game-changer. Our onsite warehouses can handle any size order, be accessed remotely or through an app for increased efficiency in your supply chain management needs!

Multiple Payment Solutions

We have solutions for you. No matter the size of your business, we can tailor a payment processing solution that will fit what's best with our multiple options available.

Deliver faster with automated delivery management

We make it easier to get your packages delivered. We send couriers on their way, pick up personal or business shipments from wherever you prefer and deliver within the UAE for great rates with complete transparency through real-time tracking information!

24/7 Customer Support

Chat with our customer support team at any time.

Get access to unlimited deliveries with our bundle plans

Enjoy up to 25% discount for bundling your shipments

Purchase a Deliverex bundle plan and get exclusive discounts on all domestic shipments from the UAE. Plus, you’ll have access to an amazing customer service team that are just waiting for your call!