Sea Freight

Sea Freight

At Golden Anchor, we offer the best deals for your cargoes. Shipments can be loaded into containers and shipped anywhere in Asia with our contracts covering carrier services to/from USA, Middle East regions as well as Europe & Africa! Our consolidation service helps you save on smaller load sizes that are better suited towards individual shipments – just let us know what fits your needs and get a free quote today.


Our global LCL network makes managing your ocean freight easier than ever. With quality service and state of the art tech, we’re a leader in short sea shipping delivery solutions for any business or consumer looking to avoid excessive third-party costs on international shipments.

LCL Benefits:

  • More effective for starters and small businesses
  • Give opportunities to test new suppliers
  • Preserve steady flow of inventory in smaller quantities
  • Avoid the risk of trying up much needed cash flow
  • Control inventory volumes



Our customized FCL delivery system allows you to maximize your margins and generate the most profit from every load. We offer a flexible product that’s tailored for each company, no matter what their business needs are – to make sure they come out ahead.

FCL Benefits:

  • Better choice if your shipment is 15 CBM or more
  • Faster shipping time
  • Significantly less handling
  • Reduced risk of loss or damage
  • Can be filled directly at your warehouse

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