The Role of Humans & The Application in Logistics

Today our focus has been on KPIs, ERP, WMS, TMS, YMS, EDI, The Cloud, S and OP, 3 D Printing, IoT, IoE, Drones: Same Hour/Day/Time Delivery to Customers, Cyber Security, Theft, Government Regulations, E-Commerce, Omni-Channel, Modeling/Simulation, Risk Management, Tracking, Traceability, Re-shoring, Robotics, et al, but…what about Artificial Intelligence or AI technologies?

AI is a controversy of deep, lasting dimensions. Will machines learn to think like humans…and then outthink us?

If AI Technologies Can Think & Act Like “Us” Where do “We” Go?

The application of AI technologies has created the ability to understand, store and use product information in an entirely new way. AI technologies allow you to understand the underlying grammatical structure, the product DNA, used to build each product, together with all natural variations that potentially exist. AI gives you the ability to maintain these structures/natures of being dynamically continually learning and updating as new data passes through the system. Now you have a “smart attribute,” because AI technologies use what it “learns” on one product and transfers that knowledge when it recognizes the same descriptive synonyms used for a different product.

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